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MI Journals and Documentation

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A substantial amount of material, mainly in hard copy form, is in store at Stevenage, plus instrument manuals, the Company photo archive and now the entire drawings microfiche and a substantial number of former instruments..  Considerable work has been going on behind the scenes to document this material by the Marconi Instruments Heritage Group whose part-time custodian is Nigel Adams.  Nigel is quite prepared to respond to ad-hoc enquires but he is an employee of Viavi Solutions so his time will be limited.  He can be contacted here.


The prime MI journals are listed below:



Marconi Wavelength


House magazine



Marconi Instruments Product Catalogues


These were large reference books typically of a few hundred pages



Marconi Instrumentation


Provided publicity and technical information to customers.  These were produced from 1947 to 1980 and a listing of these is shown here.


They were replaced by Marconi Contact.



Marconi Measuretest


Application notes for customers



Marconi Contact


Replacement for Marconi Instrumentation from 1980











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Nigel Adams said

at 12:09 am on Oct 3, 2018

Plus instrument manuals the company photo archive and now the entire drawings microfiche.
Plus a substantial number of former instruments.

Nigel Adams said

at 6:34 pm on Oct 3, 2018

From the text above...
the statement... 'he is an employee of Aeroflex', should now read...'he is an employee of Viavi Solutions'.

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